New Zealand Aquatic Environment and Biodiversity Report RSS feed for public list New Zealand Aquatic Environment and Biodiversity Report Abundance and distribution of Hector’s dolphin on south coast South Island / by MacKenzie, Darryl I., Assessment of the risk of commercial fisheries to New Zealandseabirds, 2006–07 to 2016–17 / by Richard, Yvan Best Management Practice guidelines for salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds : Best management practice guidelines for salmon farms in the Marlborough sounds. Part 2 : Best practice in seabed image analysis for determining taxa, habitat, or substrata distributions / by Bowden, David A. Biodiversity of Benthic Protection Areas and Seamount Closure Areas : by Clark, Malcolm R., Coralline algae of New Zealand : by Nelson, W. A. Data collection of demographic, distributional and trophic information on selected seabird species to allow estimation of effects of fishing on population viability : by Thompson, D. R. Desktop estimation of pinniped cryptic mortality in trawls using SLEDs / Extent of bottom contact by New Zealand commercial trawl fishing for deepwater Tier 1 and Tier 2 target species determined using CatchMapper software, fishing years 2008–17 / by Baird, S. J., Marine isoscapes for trophic and animal movement studies in the southwest Pacific Ocean / Non-target fish and invertebrate catch and discards in New Zealand hoki, hake, ling, silver warehou, and white warehou trawl fisheries from 1990–91 to 2016–17 / Population studies of southern Buller’s albatrosses on The Snares / by Thompson, D. R. Preparation of data for protected species capture estimation, updated to 2017–18 / by Abraham, Edward R. Preparation of data for protectedspecies capture estimation, updatedto 2016–17 / by Abraham, Edward R. Quantifying benthic diversity. by Bowden, David A. Simulating sea lion dives to assess the probability of post-exit drowning for sea lions exiting SLEDs / by Middleton, D. A. J. Spatial distribution modelling of New Zealand cetacean species / by Stephenson, F.