British Antarctic Survey titles RSS feed for public list British Antarctic Survey titles 'Birdie' Bowers of the Antarctic / by Seaver, George, A continent for science: by Lewis, Richard S., A story of Antarctic co-operation: by Wratt, G.S., An alien in Antarctica: by Swithinbank, Charles. Animals of the Antarctic : by Stonehouse, Bernard. Antarctic year : by Furse, Chris, Cheltenham in Antarctica : by Wilson, D. M. Elephant Island : by Furse, Chris, From Scott to Fuchs / by Bowman, Gerald. In the footsteps of Scott / by Mear, Roger. Little America, aerial exploration in the Antarctic: by Byrd, Richard Evelyn, Logbook for Grace : by Murphy, Robert Cushman, Lost Leviathan / by Ommanney, F. D. No latitude for error / by Hillary, Edmund, Poles apart : by Pape, Richard, Proceedings of the 2nd meeting Earth Science in Antarctica: Proceedings of the Meeting Geosciences in Victoria Land, Antarctica: The Antarctic problem : by Christie, E. W. Hunter The Distribution and abundance of Antarctic and Subantarctic penguins / The role of the Antarctic in global change: The white desert / by Barber, Noel,