New Titles RSS feed for public list New Titles 2D modeling and ecohydraulic analysis / by Pasternack, Gregory Brian. A Colonial naturalist : by Hyde, Pamela A comparison of a trawl survey index with CPUE series for hake (Merluccius australis) off the west coast of South Island (HAK 7) / by Horn, P. L. Acoustic biomass estimates of southern blue whiting on the Bounty Plateau in 2017 / by O'Driscoll, Richard L. Acoustic survey of spawning hoki in Cook Strait during winter 2017 / by O'Driscoll, Richard L. Aquatic dicotyledons of North America : by Les, Donald H., Barrier dynamics and response to changing climate / Beginner's guide to zero-inflated models with R / by Zuur, Alain F., Beyond Manapouri : by Knight, Catherine, Big Pacific : by Tansley, Rebecca, Biological individuality : Catch per unit effort (CPUE) analyses for SNA 2 / by Schofield, M. I., Catch-at-age of snapper in SNA 7 in the 2016–17 fishing year / by Parsons, D. M. Catch-per-unit-effort (CPUE) analyses for FMA2 red gurnard (GUR 2) / by Schofield, M. I., Climate change in human history : by Lieberman, Benjamin David, Colville catchment land management resource / by Iddon, Elaine, Continuous water clarity monitoring in Te Waikoropupū Springs / by Gall, Mark Deep learning / by Goodfellow, Ian, Drawdown : Eastern Coromandel cryptic avifauna species inventory for wetlands of the Waikato Region / by Stewart, Patrick Ecological forecasting / by Dietze, Michael Christopher, Ecological informatics : Ecosystem service maps of Coromandel estuaries / by Townsend, Michael, Ecotechnologies for the treatment of variable stormwater and wastewater flows by Tondera, Katharina Effective ecological monitoring / by Lindenmayer, David Effects of emergent structure on the abundance and size distribution of Trichoptera in Bay of Plenty hill-country streams : by Cooper, James Enhancing science impact : by Leith, Peat, Environmental and resource management law / Environmental DNA : by Taberlet, Pierre. Essential classification / by Broughton, Vanda, Fisheries characterisation and catch-per-unit-effort analyses FLA 2 / by Schofield, M. I., Fishery characterisation and Catch-Per-Unit-Effort analysis for blue moki in MOK 1 and MOK 3 / by Langley, Adam D., Food safety risk assessment for the use of PIT tags in the SNA 1 tagging programme / by Middleton, D. A. J. Freshwater mussel propagation for restoration / by Patterson, Matthew A., Geological model and water budget of the Hauraki Plains, Waikato Region, 2016 / by White, Paul A. Hierarchical modeling and analysis for spatial data / by Banerjee, Sudipto. Imagery and GIS : by Green, Kass. Inshore trawl survey of the west coast South Island and Tasman and Golden Bays, March-April 2017 (KAH1703) / by Stevenson, Michael L., Jellyfish : by Gershwin, Lisa-ann, Learning Perl : by Schwartz, Randal L., Making good decisions : by Begbie, Michelle Marine plankton : Metadata for information management and retrieval : by Haynes, David Multi-elemental analysis of PM10 and apportionment of contributing sources : by Ancelet, Travis, New Zealand fish passage guidelines for structures up to 4 metres / by Franklin, Paul Ocean solutions, earth solutions / Oceans : Pest risk modelling and mapping for invasive alien species / Planktic foraminifers in the modern ocean / by Schiebel, Ralf, Potential sources of faecal contaminants in four Coromandel catchments / by Nakielski, Marguerite, Prediction of subsurface redox status for Hauraki and Coromandel Catchments / by Close, Murray Psychology for a better world : by Harré, Niki, Public insurance and climate change (part one) : by Fleming, David A. Pukekawa aquifer : by Thornburrow, Blair, Python for data analysis : by McKinney, Wes, Python machine learning : by Raschka, Sebastian, Regional flood summary : by Craig, Heather, Regional guidelines for ecological assessments of freshwater environments : by Catlin, Alicia, Regional rivers water quality monitoring programme : by Tulagi, Asaeli, Relative abundance, population structure, and stock status of blue cod in Paterson Inlet in 2014. Concurrent fixed and random site potting surveys / by Carbines, Glen D. Relative abundance, population structure, and stock status of blue cod off north Otago in 2013. Concurrent fixed and random site potting surveys / by Carbines, Glen D. Relative abundance, population structure, and stock status of blue cod off south Otago in 2013. Estimates of pot catchability and size selectivity / by Carbines, Glen D. Relative abundance, size and age structure, and stock status of blue cod off Kaikoura and north Canterbury in 2011–12. Comparisons of potting survey designs and estimates of pot catchability and size selectivity / by Carbines, Glen D. Replenish : by Postel, Sandra, Sacred ecology / by Berkes, Fikret, Sea change : by Hayward, Bronwyn Seascape ecology / Settlement indices for 2016/17 fishing year for the red rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii) / by Forman, J. Shaky shores : Significant natural areas of the Waikato district : by Zwan, Wiea van der, Soil stability in the Waikato region 2012 / by Taylor, A. L. Stable isotope geochemistry / by Hoefs, Jochen, Statistical methods in the atmospheric sciences / by Wilks, Daniel S. Statistics : by Crawley, Michael J. Stock assessment of tarakihi off the east coast of mainland New Zealand / by Langley, Adam D., Stock assessments of hoki, hake and ling using alterative catch histories / by Horn, P. L. Taranaki's rocky shore : by Paulin, C. D., Tauranga Taupo : Temporal variation in ecosystem metabolism in relation to water quality in the Piako River / by Clapcott, Joanne The 2017 stock assessment and management procedure evaluation for rock lobsters (Jasus edwardsii) in CRA 2 / by Webber, D. N. The curious life of krill : by Nicol, Stephen, The ground between : by Darby, Sefton, The lost species : by Kemp, Christopher, The new biological economy : by Pawson, Eric, The rocky shore : by Paulin, C. D., The sea floor : by Seibold, Eugen, The world in a grain : by Beiser, Vince, Things great and small : by Simmons, John E., Trends in soil quality monitoring data in the Waikato region 1995-2015 / by Taylor, Matthew D. Tropical seaweed farming trends, problems and opportunities : Use of mangrove habitat by banded rail (Gallirallus philippensis assimilis) / Use of mangrove habitat by threatened or at risk birds / Voices from the sea : by Peart, Raewyn Waihou and Piako ecological monitoring 2017 / by Graham, Elizabeth, Waikato region greenhouse gas inventory - July 2015 to June 2016 / by Stancu, Cerasela, Waikato River water quality monitoring programme : by Tulagi, Asaeli, Waikato stormwater management guideline / by Shaver, Earl, Water for the environment : Water rights for Ngāi Tahu : by Tau, Te Maire, Water, farming and families : by Body, Anita, Wonders of the sea : by Mulcahy, Kate. Zooplankton composition and a trophic state assessment of fifteen Waikato lakes using Rotifer assemblages, 2011-2012 / by Duggan, Ian C. Zooplankton monitoring for TLI and lake health assessment of the Waikato lakes : by Duggan, Ian C.