New Titles RSS feed for public list New Titles A polar affair : by Davis, Lloyd Spencer, Biology of oysters / by Bayne, B. L. Decision-making in conservation and natural resource management : Evolution and biogeography of the Crustacea / Fire risk assessment : by Macara, G. R. Hope in hell : by Porritt, Jonathon, Joint species distribution modelling : by Ovaskainen, Otso, Microbial ecology of the oceans / Ministry for the Environment Atmosphere and climate report 2020 : by Macara, G. R. Our atmosphere and climate 2020 Practical laboratory automation : by Carvalho, Matheus C. Saving our skins : by McKenzie, Richard Science and management of uncertainty : by Marcot, Bruce G., Shouting zeros and ones : Statistical methods in water resources / by Helsel, Dennis R., Tara Arctic : by Redvers, Grant, The creativity leap : by Nixon, Natalie W., The future we choose : by Figueres, Christiana, The infinite game / by Sinek, Simon, Water governance in the face of global change : by Pahl-Wostl, Claudia,