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Assessment of the effects of mortality due to Bonamia on the oyster population of Foveaux Strait in 1990 and the outlook for management in 1991

by Cranfield, H.J. (MAF Fisheries, Fisheries Research Centre. Wellington); Doonan, I.J. (MAF Fisheries, Fisheries Research Centre. Wellington); Michael, K.P. (MAF Fisheries, Fisheries Research Centre. Wellington).

Source: New Zealand fisheries assessment research document. Publisher: Wellington : MAF Fisheries, 1991Availability: No items available
The status of infection by bonamia (Bonamia exitiosa) in Foveaux Strait oysters (Ostrea chilensis) in February 2013, estimates of summer disease mortality, and implications for the projections of future stock status made in the 2012 stock assessment for OYU 5

by Michael, K. P. (Keith P.); Maas, E; Forman, J. (Jeffrey); Hulston, D; Fu, D. (Daniel). -- New ZealandMinistry for Primary Industries,

Other title: Foveaux Strait Bonamia survey February 2013.Online Access: MPI website | National Library archive | NIWA document server Availability: Items available for reference: WELLINGTON [ELECTRONIC] (1 ).

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