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Foveaux Strait oyster (Tiostrea chilensis) assessment, 1992

by Doonan, I.J. (MAF Fisheries, Fisheries Research Centre. Wellington); Cranfield, H.J. (MAF Fisheries, Fisheries Research Centre. Wellington).

Source: New Zealand fisheries assessment research document. Publisher: Wellington : MAF Fisheries, 1992Availability: No items available
Cultivated New Zealand rock oysters

by Curtin, L. (New Zealand Marine Department. Wellington).

Publisher: Wellington : Marine Department, 1968Availability: Items available for loan: NIWA BIBLIOGRAPHY (1).
An experiment to determine the suitability of concrete slab spat collectors for rock oyster cultivation on the hard limestone foreshore at Kaipara Harbour

by Curtin, L. (Fisheries Division. Auckland).

Publisher: Wellington : Marine Department, 1970Availability: Items available for reference: WELLINGTON [ELECTRONIC] (1 ).

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