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Designing a programme to monitor trends in deep-water benthic communities

by Bowden, David A; Clark, Malcolm R; Hewitt, J. E. (Judith Elaine); Rowden, A. A. (Ashley Alun); Leduc, D; Baird, S. J. -- New ZealandMinistry for Primary Industries,

Publisher: Wellington : Ministry for Primary Industries, 2015Other title: Monitoring deep-water benthic communities.Online Access: MPI website | National Library archive | NIWA document server Availability: Items available for reference: WELLINGTON [ELECTRONIC] (1 ).
Biodiversity of Benthic Protection Areas and Seamount Closure Areas : a description of available benthic invertebrate data, and a preliminary evaluation of the effectiveness of BPAs for biodiversity protection

by Clark, Malcolm R; Mills, S. (Sadie); Leduc, D; Anderson, Owen F; Rowden, A. A. (Ashley Alun). -- Fisheries New Zealand (Government agency)

Publisher: Wellington, New Zealand : Fisheries New Zealand, Tini a Tangaroa, 2019.Online Access: AEBR 227 Fisheries Infosite | NIWA document server | National Digital Heritage Archive Open Access Holdings: Mis short record.Availability: Items available for reference: WELLINGTON [ELECTRONIC] (1 ).

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