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The sustainable biosphere initiative : an ecological research agenda : a report

by -- Ecological Society of America

Publisher: 1991Holdings: GRETA POINT: SERIALHoldings: GRETA POINT: SERIALAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [SERIAL] (1).
Climate change : world leaders' viewpoints

by -- World Meteorological Organization

Source: WMO / Publisher: Geneva, Switzerland : WMO, 1991Availability: No items available
Studies on the method for long term environmental monitoring

by Ambe, Y; Fuwa, K. -- National Institute for Environmental Studies (Japan)

Publisher: Ibaraki. Japan : National Institute for Environmental Studies, 1985Holdings: GRETA POINT: 504.064.36 STUAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [504.064.36 STU] (1).
Scenarios for the preparation of guidance and audio-visual material for planners and decision-makers

by Lindh, Gunnar. -- International Hydrological Programme

Source: Technical documents in hydrology. Publisher: 1986Other title: Scenarios for the preparation of guidance and audiovisual material for planners and decision - makers.Availability: No items available
The South Pacific Islands : a regional case study

by Rolston, Susan J; Creech, Heather. -- Dalhousie UniversityMarine Affairs Program

Publisher: Halifax, NS : Marine Affairs Program, 1991Holdings: GRETA POINT: 504.42.062(215.7) SOUAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [504.42.062(215.7) SOU] (1).
Climate change : science, impacts and policy : proceedings of the second World Climate Conference

by Jaeger, J; Ferguson, H.L. -- World Climate Conference (2nd : 1990 : Geneva, Switzerland)

Publisher: Cambridge, England : Cambridge University Press, 1991Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.583 CLIAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.583 CLI] (1).
An introduction to State of the Environment reporting : a report for the Wellington region, July 1991

by -- Wellington (N.Z. : Region) Regional Council

Publisher: Wellington : Wellington Regional Council, 1991Other title: State of the Environment : Wellington region.Holdings: GRETA POINT: 502.5(931.268) WELAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [502.5(931.268) WEL] (1).
Environmental effects of dredging : technical notes

by -- United States Army. Corps of Engineers.; U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station

Publisher: Vicksburg, MS : US Army Engineers Waterways Experiment Station, 1991-Online Access: Click here to access online Availability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [ELECTRONIC] (1).
The natural history of New Zealand : an ecological survey

by Williams, Gordon R.

Publisher: Wellington, N.Z. : A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1973Holdings: GRETA POINT: 502(931) NATAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [502(931) NAT] (1).
The PAGES Project : proposed implementation plans for research activities : an expanded explanation of the PAGES Project Plan described in IGBP report no. 12, based upon the deliberations of the first meeting of the PAGES Scientific Steering Committee, Mainz Academy of Arts and Literature, March 11-13, 1991

by Eddy, John A. -- International Geosphere-Biosphere Program "Global Changes"; Past Global Changes (Project); Past Global Changes Project of the IGBP Scientific Steering Committee

Source: IGBP report Publisher: 1992Other title: PAGES : Past Global Changes Project : proposed implementation plans for research activities..Availability: No items available
Building tomorrow's success : guidelines for thinking beyond today

by -- New Zealand Ministry of Research, Science and Technology.

Publisher: Wellington, N.Z. : Ministry of Research, Science and Technology, 1998Online Access: Click here for electronic access Holdings: GRETA POINT: 001.891(931) BUIAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [001.891(931) BUI] (1).
The major biogeochemical cycles and their interactions

by Bolin, Bert; Cook, Robert B. -- International Council of Scientific UnionsScientific Committee on Problems of the Environment

Publisher: 1983Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.510.401 MAJAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.510.401 MAJ] (1).
Environment Forum 1985 : synopsis of submissions and forum record

by -- New Zealand Commission for the Environment. -- Environment Forum 1985 (Wellington, N.Z.).

Publisher: Wellington : Secretariat, Environment Forum 1985, 1985Holdings: GRETA POINT: 504.06(931) ENVAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [504.06(931) ENV] (1).
Can we delay a greenhouse warming : the effectiveness and feasibility of options to slow a building-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

by Seidel, Stephen; Keyes, Dale. -- United StatesEnvironmental Protection Agency

Publisher: Washington : Environmental Protection Agency, 1983Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.583.14 CANAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.583.14 CAN] (1).
Report on small geothermal power development in New Zealand : Ngawha, Mokai, Tauhara

by -- New ZealandMinistry of Works and Development; New ZealandMinistry of Energy

Publisher: [Wellington] : [Ministry of Works and Development], 1984Other title: Small geothermal power development in New Zealand.Holdings: AUCKLAND: 577.4 NEWAvailability: Items available for loan: AUCKLAND [577.4 NEW] (1).
Turbulence and diffusion in stable environments : based on the proceedings of a conference on Models of Turbulence and Diffusion in Stably Stratified Regions of the Natural Environment organized by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and held in Cambridge, March 1983

by Hunt, J.C.R. -- Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (Organization)

Publisher: Oxford : Clarendon, c1985Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.511.6 TURAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.511.6 TUR] (1).
Cumulative effects assessment in Canada: an agenda for action and research

by Peterson, E.B. -- Canadian Environmental Assessment Research Council

Publisher: Hull, Quebec : Minister of Supply and Services Canada, c1987Holdings: GRETA POINT: 502.55(71) CUMAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [502.55(71) CUM] (1).
Defusing the toxics threat: controlling pesticides and industrial waste

by Postel, Sandra.

Source: Worldwatch paper Publisher: Washington, DC : Worldwatch Institute, 1987Availability: No items available
Atmospheric chemistry: fundamentals and experimental techniques

by Finlayson-Pitts, Barbara J; Pitts, James N.

Publisher: New York : Wiley, c1986Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.510.41 ATMAvailability: No items available Checked out (1).
Natural resource accounting: a technique for improving planning in New Zealand?

by Wright, Janice C. -- Centre for Resource Management (Lincoln, N.Z.)

Source: Information paper / Centre for Resource Management Publisher: [Lincoln], NZ : Centre for Resource Management, Lincoln College, 1989Availability: No items available
The Noordwijk Declaration on Climate Change : atmospheric pollution and climatic change ministerial conference held at Noordwijk, the Netherlands on 6th and 7th November 1989

by -- NetherlandsMinisterie van Volkshuisvesting, Ruimtelijke Ordening en Milieubeheer; United Nations Environment Programme; World Meteorological Organization -- Ministerial Conference on Atmospheric Pollution & Climatic Change (1989 : Noordwijk, Netherlands).

Publisher: Leidschendam : Minister of Housing, Physical Planning and Environment, 1989Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.588.74 MINAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.588.74 MIN] (1).
Energy and climate change : report of the DOE Multi-Laboratory Climate Change Committee ; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, chair ... [et al.]

by MacCracken, Michael C. -- United States DOE Multi-Laboratory Climate Change Committee; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Argonne National Laboratory; Pacific Northwest Laboratory; Brookhaven National Laboratory; Idaho National Engineering Laboratory; Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; Los Alamos National Laboratory; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Sandia National Laboratory; United States Dept. of Energy

Publisher: Chelsea, Mich. : Lewis, 1990Other title: Report of the DOE Multi-Laboratory Climate Change Committee.Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.588.7 ENEAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.588.7 ENE] (1).
Chemistry and the environment : proceedings of regional symposium, Brisbane 1989

by Noller, B.N; Chadha, Mohindra S. -- International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Programme; Environmental Planning Programme (Commonwealth Science Council) -- Symposium on Chemistry and the Environment (1989 : Brisbane)..

Publisher: London : Commonwealth Science Council, 1990Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.510 SYMAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.510 SYM] (1).
Atmospheric chemical compounds : sources, occurrence, and bioassay

by Graedel, T.E; Hawkins, Donald T; Claxton, Larry D.

Publisher: Orlando, Fla. : Academic, 1986Holdings: LAUDER: 551.510.41 ATMHoldings: GRETA POINT: 551.510.4 ATMAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.510.4 ATM] (1), LAUDER [551.510.41 ATM] (1).
New Zealand's national report to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development : December 1991 : forging the links

by -- New Zealand Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.; New Zealand Ministry of External Relations and Trade; New ZealandMinistry for the Environment -- United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (1992 : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

Publisher: Wellington, NZ : Ministry for the Environment, 1991Other title: Report of New Zealand environmental management 1987-1991.Holdings: GRETA POINT: 504.06(931) NEWAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [504.06(931) NEW] (1).

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