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Angler's guide to the United States Pacific coast : marine fish, fishing grounds & facilities

by Squire, James L; Smith, Susan E. -- United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; United States National Marine Fisheries Service.

Publisher: Seattle, Wash. : NOAA, 1977Holdings: GRETA POINT: 597(265.1) SQUAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [597(265.1) SQU] (1).
International Symposium Remote Sensing [and] Water Resources : proceedings : Enschede, The Netherlands, August 20-24, 1990

by -- International Association of Hydrogeologists; Netherlands Society for Remote Sensing -- International Symposium Remote Sensing and Water Resources (1990 : Enschede, Netherlands).

Publisher: Lingen, Federal Republic of Germany : Printed by R. van Acken GmbH, [1991?]Holdings: CHRISTCHURCH: STORE 528.8 INTAvailability: Items available for loan: CHRISTCH [ATORE 528.8 INT] (1).
Study of facies : [geographic conditions of formations of sediments]

by Nalivkin, D.V.

Publisher: American Geological Institute Translation Office, 1961Holdings: GRETA POINT: OUTSIZE 551.3.051 NALAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [OUTSIZE 551.3.051 NAL VOL.1 PT.1] (11).
Coastal fishes of Taiwan (I)

by Chang, Kun-Hsiung; Shao, Kwang-Tsao; Lee, Sin-Che.

Publisher: Taipei, Taiwan : Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica, [1968]Holdings: GRETA POINT: 597(529.1) COAAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [597(529.1) COA] (1).
Fishes of the Tsitsikama Coastal National Park

by Smith, J.L.B. (James Leonard Brierley), 1892-1968; Smith, Margaret M. (Margaret Mary).

Publisher: Johannesburg? : National Parks Board, 1966Holdings: GRETA POINT: 597 (680) SMIAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [597(680) SMI] (1).
Coastal ocean fluxes and resources : report of a CP2 Ad Hoc Workshop, Tokyo, Japan, 19-22 September 1989

by Holligan, P. -- International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme "Global Change". 1989 : Tokyo, Japan).

Source: IGBP report no. 14 Publisher: Stockholm : The International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme: A study of global change (IGBP) o the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU), 1990Availability: No items available
Developments in estuarine and coastal study techniques : joint meeting of EBSA, Challenger Society & Marine Chemistry Discussion Group

by McManus, John; Elliott, Michael. -- Challenger Society; Estuarine and Brackish-water Sciences AssociationSymposium (17th : 1987 : University of Dundee, Dundee); Marine Chemistry Discussion Group

Publisher: Fredensborg, Denmark : Olsen & Olsen, 1989Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.468.6 DEVAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.468.6 DEV] (1).
Storm surges, river flow and combined effects : a contribution to the UNESCO-IHP project H-2-2, 8-12 April, 1991, Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany

by -- IHP Project H-2-2; International Hydrological Programme

Publisher: Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany? : UNESCO-IHP?, 1991Other title: Storm 91.Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.515.1/.5 STOAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.515.1/.5 STO] (1).
Saving Louisiana's coastal wetlands : the need for a long-term plan of action : report of the Louisiana Wetland Protection Panel

by -- United StatesEnvironmental Protection Agency; Louisiana Geological Survey; Louisiana Wetland Protection Panel (1985 : Grand Terre Island, La)

Publisher: Washington, DC : United States Environmental Protection Agency, 1987Holdings: GRETA POINT: 504.42:551.468.6 SAVAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [504.42:551.468.6 SAV] (1).
Pacific Island terraces : Eustatic? : a symposium

by Russell, Richard J. -- Pacific Science Congress (10th : 1961 : Honolulu, Hawaii)

Publisher: Berlin : Gebrueder Borntraeger, 1961Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.461.2 PACAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.461.2 PAC] (1).
A directory for the navigation of the South Pacific Ocean : with descriptions of its coasts, islands, etc. from the Strait of Magalhaens to Panama, and those of New Zealand, Australia, etc. : its winds, currents, and passages

by Findlay, Alexander George.

Edition: 5th ed., with addenda Publisher: London : Richard Holmes Laurie, 1884Holdings: GRETA POINT: 656.61(265.7) FIN (Shelved in LOCKED STACK)Availability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [656.61(265.7) FIN] (1).
The larvae of Indo-Pacific shorefishes

by Leis, J.M; Trnski, T.

Publisher: Honolulu, Hawaii : University of Hawaii Press in association with the Australian Museum, 1989Other title: Larvae of IndoPacific shorefishes; Larvae of Indo - Pacific shorefishes; Larvae of Indo-Pacific coral reef fishes.Holdings: GRETA POINT: 597(265)(267) LEIAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [597(265)(267) LEI] (1).
Heavy metals in the marine environment

by Furness, Robert W; Rainbow, Philip S.

Publisher: Boca Raton, Fla. : CRC Press, 1990Holdings: GRETA POINT: 546.3(26) HEAAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [546.3(26) HEA] (1).
Coastal processes and development in the Southern Karamea Bight

by Mangin, C.M.

Publisher: Christchurch, N.Z. : University of Canterbury, 1973Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.4.038(931.316) MANAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.4.038(931.316) MAN] (1).
Marine organisms transported in ballast water : a review of the Australian scientific position

by Jones, Madeleine M. -- AustraliaBureau of Rural Resources

Publisher: Canberra, ACT : Australian Government Publishing Service, 1991Holdings: GRETA POINT: 574.625(93) MARAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [574.625(93) MAR] (1).
Oceans '89 : an international conference addressing methods for understanding the global ocean, September 18-21, 1989, Seattle, Washington

by -- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; Oceanic Engineering Society (U.S.); Oceans '89 Conference (1989 : Seattle, Wash); Marine Technology Society

Publisher: New York, N.Y. : IEEE, 1989Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.46.09 OCEAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.46.09 OCE VOL. 1] (6).
Birds of the New Zealand shore

by Stonehouse, Bernard.

Publisher: Wellington, N.Z. : A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1968Holdings: GRETA POINT: 639.127.1(931) STOAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [639.127.1(931) STO] (1).
Intertidal ecological changes after the Metula oil spill

by Straughan, Dale.

Source: Technical reports of the Allan Hancock Foundation Publisher: Los Angeles, CA. : Allan Hancock Foundation; Institute for Marine and Coastal Studies, 1981Availability: No items available
Guide for the identification and reporting of stranded whales, dolphins and porpoises on the British coasts

by Fraser, F.C. (Francis Charles).

Edition: 3rd ed. Publisher: London : Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History), 1966Other title: British whales, dolphins and porpoises.Holdings: GRETA POINT: 599.5 FRAAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [599.5 FRA] (1).
Bay of Plenty Regional Council Regional Monitoring Network : bathing beach suitability survey 1991

by Power, Fergus M. (Fergus Martin). -- Bay of Plenty (N.Z. : Region)Regional Council (1989-1993)

Publisher: Whakatane, N.Z. : Bay of Plenty Regional Council, 1991Holdings: GRETA POINT: 579.68:379.846 POWAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [579.68:379.846 POW] (1).
Oceanographic data of Suruga Bay (1971-1977) Pacific Coast of Central Japan : special research project of Ministry of Education, Environment and Human Survival (1971-74), Fundamental Research for the Preservation of Marine Environment (1975-77)

Publisher: Shizouka-Ken, Japan : Faculty of Marine Science and Technology, Tokai University, 1978Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.46.06(520) OCEAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.46.06(520) OCE] (1).
The ecological effects of oil pollution on littoral communities : proceedings of a symposium organized by the Institute of Petroleum and held at the Zoological Society of London, 30 November-1 December 1970

by Cowell, E.B. -- Symposium on the Ecological Effects of Oil Pollution on Littoral Communities (1970 : London); Institute of Petroleum (Great Britain)

Publisher: London : Institute of Petroleum, 1971Holdings: GRETA POINT: 504.42.054 ECOAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [504.42.054 ECO] (1).
Sea and shore dangers : their recognition, avoidance and treatment

by Smith, Margaret M.

Publisher: Grahamstown, South Africa : J.L.B. Smith Institute of Ichthyology?, 197?Holdings: GRETA POINT: 614.8 (26) SMIAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [614.8 (26) SMI] (1).
Mayor Island (Tuhua) marine protection : an application for a marine reserve and a proposal for a restricted fishing area

by -- New Zealand Dept. of Conservation; MAF Fisheries (N.Z.)

Publisher: Rotorua, NZ : Auckland, NZ : Department of Conservation : MAF Fisheries North, 1991Holdings: GRETA POINT: 504.42.062(931.217) MAYAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [504.42.062(931.217) MAY] (1).
The South Pacific Islands : a regional case study

by Rolston, Susan J; Creech, Heather. -- Dalhousie UniversityMarine Affairs Program

Publisher: Halifax, NS : Marine Affairs Program, 1991Holdings: GRETA POINT: 504.42.062(215.7) SOUAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [504.42.062(215.7) SOU] (1).

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