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On the beaches : recreational water quality of the Wairarapa, 2000-2001

by Watts, Laura; Sevicke-Jones, Graham. -- Wellington (N.Z. : Region)Regional Council.

Publisher: Masterton, N.Z. : Wellington Regional Council, Wairarapa Division, 2001Holdings: GRETA POINT: 579.68:379.846 WATAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [579.68:379.846 WAT] (1).
Journal of water and health

by -- International Water Association; World Health Organization

Publisher: London ; Avenel, NJ : IWA Publishing, ©2003-Online Access: Vol. 1 no. 1 (2003) - (three years embargo) Holdings: GRETA POINT: CORE SERIAL Vol. 1, no. 1 - Vol. 11, no. 1 (2003-2013)Availability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [CORE VOL. 10 NO. 3 2012] (44). Checked out (1).
Microbiology of waterborne diseases

by Percival, Steven L.

Publisher: Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier Academic Press, 2004.Holdings: GRETA POINT: 628.1:579.68 PERAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [628.1:579.68 PER] (1).
Using statistical methods for water quality management: issues, problems, and solutions

by McBride, G.B.

Publisher: Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, ©2005Holdings: GRETA POINT: 519.2:556 MCBAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [519.2:556 MCB] (1). Checked out (1).
Phytoplankton changes in Lake Trummen induced by restoration : long-term whole-lake studies and experimental biomanipulation

by Cronberg, G. (Gertrud).

Publisher: Lund : Limnologiska Institutionen Lunds Universitet, 1980Holdings: GRETA POINT: 581.526.325 CROAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [581.526.325 CRO] (1).
Examination of water for pollution control : a reference handbook in three volumes

by Suess, Michael J. -- World Health OrganizationRegional Office for Europe

Edition: 1st ed. Publisher: Oxford : Pergamon, 1982Holdings: GRETA POINT: 543.3:628.19 EXAAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [543.3:628.19 EXA Vol. 3] (3).
Handbook of methods in aquatic microbial ecology

by Kemp, Paul F.

Publisher: Boca Raton : Lewis Publishers, c1993Holdings: GRETA POINT: 574.51 HANAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [574.51 HAN] (1).
Advances in aquatic microbiology

by Droop, M. R. (Michael Richmond); Jannasch, H. W.

Publisher: London : Academic Press, 1977-Holdings: GRETA POINT: STACK SERIAL Vol. 1-3 (1977-1985)Availability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [STACK VOL. 3 1985] (2).
Sea ice biota

by Horner, Rita A.

Publisher: Boca Raton, Fla. : CRC Press, 1985Holdings: CHRISTCHURCH: 57(26) SEAHoldings: GRETA POINT: 57(26):551.326.7(99) SEAAvailability: Items available for loan: CHRISTCH [ 57(26) SEA] (1). Checked out (1).
Phytoplankton ecology : structure, function and fluctuation

by Harris, Graham P.

Publisher: London : Chapman and Hall, 1986Holdings: HAMILTON: QK 933 HAR 1986Holdings: GRETA POINT: Copy 1, 574.583 HAR* Copy 2, 589.35 HARAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [574.583 HAR] (1). Checked out (1).
Aquatic microbiology

by Skinner, Frederick Arthur; Shewan, J.M. -- Society for Applied Bacteriology

Publisher: London : Academic Press, 1977Holdings: GRETA POINT: 576.192 AQUAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [576.192 AQU] (1).
Aquatic biology and hydroelectric power development in New Zealand

by Henriques, P. R. (Paul Robert).

Publisher: Auckland [N.Z.] : Oxford University Press, 1987Holdings: HAMILTON: QH 541.5.F7 AQU 1987Holdings: CHRISTCHURCH: 574.5(931) AQUHoldings: GRETA POINT: 574.5(931) AQUAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [574.5(931) AQU] (2). Checked out (2).
Native aquatic bacteria : enumeration, activity, and ecology : a symposium sponsored by ASTM Committee D-19 on Water

by Costerton, J. W; Colwell, R. R. -- American Society for Testing and Materials; American Society for Testing and Materials Committee D-19 on Water.

Publisher: Philadelphia, Pa. : American Society for Testing and Materials, 1979Holdings: GRETA POINT: 579.68 NATAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [579.68 NAT] (1).
Assessment of possible errors introduced into standard methods of coliform counting

by Fam, John Chung Pin. -- University of Waikato

Publisher: [Hamilton (N.Z.)] : The author, 1984Holdings: GRETA POINT: 616.98:543.3 FAMAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [616.98:543.3 FAM] (1).
Methods in aquatic microbiology

by Rodina, Antonina Gavrilovna; Colwell, Rita R; Zambruski, Michael S.

Edition: Tr., ed., and rev. / by Rita R. Colwell and Michael S. Zambruski Publisher: Baltimore : University Press, 1972Other title: Metody vodnoi mikrobiologii.Holdings: GRETA POINT: 579.68 METAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [579.68 MET] (1).
Fundamentals of aquatic toxicology : methods and applications

by Rand, Gary M; Petrocelli, Sam R.

Publisher: New York : Hemisphere, 1985Holdings: HAMILTON: QH 90.57.B5 FUN 1985Holdings: GRETA POINT: 574.64 FUNAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [574.64 FUN] (1). Checked out (1).
Aquatic toxicology and water quality management

by Nriagu, Jerome O; Lakshminarayana, J. S. S. -- Workshop on Aquatic Toxicology (13th : 1987 : Moncton, N.B.).

Publisher: New York : Wiley, ©1989Holdings: GRETA POINT: 574.64:502.175 AQUAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [574.64:502.175 AQU] (1).
Health-related water microbiology 1996 : selected proceedings of the IAWQ 8th International Symposium on Health-Related Water Microbiology 1996, held in Mallorca, Spain, 6-10 October 1996

by Morris, R; Jofre, J; Grabow, W. O. K. -- International Association on Water Quality -- (8th : International Symposium on Health-related Water Microbiology 1996 : Mallorca, Spain).

Publisher: Oxford : Pergamon, c1997Holdings: GRETA POINT: 579.68 HEAAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [579.68 HEA] (1).
Manual for the isolation and identification of fish bacterial pathogens

by Frerichs, G. N; Millar, Stuart D. -- University of StirlingInstitute of Aquaculture.

Publisher: Stirling : Pisces Press in association with the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, 1993Holdings: GRETA POINT: 639.3 FREAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [639.3 FRE] (1).

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