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Climate change : the consensus and the debate

by Wratt, D. S. (David S.); Mullan, A. B; Clarkson, T. S; Salinger, M. J; von Dadelszen, J; Plume, H. -- New ZealandMinistry for the Environment.; New Zealand Climate Change Programme; New Zealand Meteorological Service; Foundation for Research, Science & Technology (N.Z.)

Publisher: Wellington, N.Z. : Ministry for the Environment, 1991Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.583(931) CLIAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.583(931) CLI] (1).
Satellite meteorology : an introduction

by Kidder, Stanley Q; Von der Haar, Thomas H.

Publisher: San Diego : Academic Press, 1995Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.507.362.2 SATAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.507.362.2 SAT] (1).
The major biogeochemical cycles and their interactions

by Bolin, Bert; Cook, Robert B. -- International Council of Scientific UnionsScientific Committee on Problems of the Environment

Publisher: 1983Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.510.401 MAJAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.510.401 MAJ] (1).
Atmospheric chemistry

by Heicklen, Julian.

Publisher: New York : Academic Press, 1976Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.510.41 ATMAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.510.41 ATM] (1).
Report of the NASA Working Group on Tropospheric Program Planning

by Seinfeld, John. -- United StatesNational Aeronautics and Space Administration.Working Group on Tropospheric Program Planning

Publisher: Washington : NASA Scientific and Technical Information Branch, 1981Holdings: LAUDER: 551.510.52 REPAvailability: Items available for loan: LAUDER [551.510.52 REP] (1).
Atmospheric trace constituents : proceedings of the 5th Two-Annual Colloquium of the Sonderforschungsbereich 73 of the Universities Frankfurt and Mainz and the Max-Planck-Institut Mainz, held in Mainz, Germany on 1 July 1981

by Herbet, F. -- Colloquium on Atmospheric Trace Constituents (1981 : Mainz).

Publisher: Braunschweig : Vieweg, 1982Holdings: LAUDER: 551.510.41 ATMHoldings: GRETA POINT: 551.510.41 COL 1982Availability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.510.41 COL] (1), LAUDER [551.510.41 ATM] (1).
Inverse problems of lidar sensing of the atmosphere

by Zuev, Vladimir Evseevich; Naats, Igor Eduardovich.

Publisher: Berlin : Springer, 1983Holdings: LAUDER: 528.88:551.510 ZUEAvailability: Items available for loan: LAUDER [528.88:551.510 ZUE] (1).
Atmospheric chemistry : report of the Dahlem Workshop on Atmospheric Chemistry, Berlin 1982, May 2-7

by Goldberg, E.D. -- Dahlem Workshop on Atmospheric Chemistry (1982 : Berlin, Germany)

Publisher: Berlin : Springer, 1982Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.510.401 DAH 1982Availability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.510.401 DAH 1982] (1).
Carbon dioxide and climate : a second assessment : report of the CO2/Climate Review panel to the Climate Research Committee ... National Research Council

by -- National Research Council (U.S.) CO2/Climate Review Panel.; National Research Council (U.S.) Climate Research Committee; National Research Council (U.S.) Carbon Dioxide Assessment Committee

Publisher: Washington : National Academy Press, 1982Holdings: GRETA POINT: 546.264 CARAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [546.264 CAR] (1).
Atmospheric aerosols : their formation, optical properties, and effects

by Deepak, Adarsh. -- Workshop on Atmospheric Aerosols: their Formation, Optical Properties and Effects (1979 : Baltimore, Md.)

Publisher: Hampton, Va. : Spectrum, 1982Holdings: LAUDER: 551.510.42 ATMHoldings: GRETA POINT: 551.510.4 WORAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.510.4 WOR 1979] (1), LAUDER [551.510.42 ATM] (1).
Trace atmospheric constituents : properties, transformations, and fates

by Schwartz, Stephen Eugene.

Publisher: New York : Wiley, c1983Holdings: LAUDER: 551.510.41 TRAAvailability: Items available for loan: LAUDER [551.510.41 TRA] (1).
Probing the atmospheric boundary layer

by Lenschow, Donald H. -- American Meteorological Society

Publisher: Boston, Mass : American Meteorological Society, c1986Other title: Instruments and techniques for probing the atmospheric boundary layer.Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.501 PROAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.501 PRO] (1).
Changes in global climate : a study of the effect of radiation and other factors during the present century

by Kondrat'ev. Kirill Yakovlevich; Pandit, V. -- National Science Foundation (U.S.) Division of Atmospheric Sciences

Publisher: New Delhi : Amerind Pub., 1984Other title: Radiatsionnye faktory sovremennykh izmenenii global'nogo klimata.Holdings: LAUDER: 551.583 CHAHoldings: GRETA POINT: 551.583 CHAAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.583 CHA] (1), LAUDER [551.583 CHA] (1).
Atmospheric chemistry: fundamentals and experimental techniques

by Finlayson-Pitts, Barbara J; Pitts, James N.

Publisher: New York : Wiley, c1986Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.510.41 ATMAvailability: No items available Checked out (1).
Principles of air pollution meteorology

by Lyons, T.J; Scott, W.D.

Publisher: London : Belhaven Press, 1990Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.510.42 PRIAvailability: No items available Checked out (1).
Atmospheric transmission, emission and scattering

by Kyle, Thomas G.

Edition: 1st ed. Publisher: Oxford : Pergamon, 1991Holdings: LAUDER: 551.593 ATMAvailability: Items available for loan: LAUDER [551.593 ATM] (1).
Aerosols and climate

by Hobbs, Peter Victor; McCormick, M. Patrick. -- Symposium on Aerosols and Climate (1987 : University of British Columbia); International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics

Publisher: Hampton, Va. : A. Deepak, 1988Holdings: LAUDER: 551.510.42 AERHoldings: GRETA POINT: 551.510.42 AERAvailability: Items available for loan: LAUDER [551.510.42 AER] (1). Checked out (1).
Workshop for Trace Gas Measurements in Both Hemispheres : 10-13 March 1992 : Australia

by Lowe, David C; Manning, Martin R; Inoue, G. -- Center for Global Environmental Research (Tsukuba, Japan) -- Workshop for Trace Gas Measurement in Both Hemispheres (1992 : Melbourne, Vic.).

Publisher: [Tsukuba] : CGER, 1992Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.588.74 WORAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.588.74 WOR] (1).
Aerosol technology : properties, behavior, and measurement of airborne particles

by Hinds, William C.

Publisher: New York : J. Wiley, 1982Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.510.42 AERAvailability: No items available Checked out (1).
Developing a physical basis for an aerosol climatology of the Pacific Ocean

by Pfeil, Federick R.

Publisher: Monterey : U.S. Navy. Postgraduate School, 1986Online Access: Calhoun Thesis and Dissertation collection Holdings: ELECTRONICAvailability: Items available for reference: WELLINGTON [ELECTRONIC] (1 ).
Aerosols, clouds and other climatically important parameters: lidar applications and networks: meeting of experts, WMO Secretariat, Geneva, Switzerland, 10-12 December 1985

by -- World Meteorological Organization; World Climate Research Programme

Source: WCRP / Publisher: [Geneva] : World Meteorological Organization, 1988Availability: No items available
Volcanoes and climate

by Bojkov, Rumen D; Boville, Byron W.

Source: WCP / Publisher: Geneva : World Meteorological Organization, [1987?]Availability: No items available
Pathways of pollutants in the atmosphere : a Royal Society discussion

by Sugden, T.M.

Publisher: London : Royal society, 1979Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.510.42 PATAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.510.42 PAT] (1).
Fine particles : aerosol generation, measurement, sampling, and analysis

by Liu, Benjamin Y.H. -- Symposium on Fine Particles (1975 : Minneapolis).

Publisher: New York : Academic Press, 1976Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.510.42 FINAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.510.42 FIN] (1).
Particles in the atmosphere and space

by Cadle, Richard D.

Publisher: New York : Reinhold, 1966Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.510.42 PARAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.510.42 PAR] (1).

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