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1. Betrayal of science and reason

by Ehrlich, Paul E; Ehrlich, Anne H.

Publisher: Washington, DC : Island Press, 1996Holdings: GRETA POINT: 364.25 EHRAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [364.25 EHR] (1).
2. The recursive universe : cosmic complexity and the limits of scientific knowledge / William Poundstone

by Poundstone, William.

Publisher: Chicago, Ill.: Contemporary Books, c1985Holdings: GRETA POINT: 524.85:113 RECAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [524.85:113 REC] (1).
3. From being to becoming : time and complexity in the physical sciences

by Prigogine, Ilya.

Publisher: San Francisco, Calif. : W.H. Freeman & Co., c1980Holdings: GRETA POINT: 531.111 FROAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [531.111 FRO] (1).
4. Self-organized criticality : emergent complex behavior in physical and biological systems

by Jensen, Henrik Jeldtoft.

Publisher: Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1998Holdings: GRETA POINT: 53.01 JENAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [53.01 JEN] (1).
5. Model based inference in the life sciences : a primer on evidence

by Anderson, David Raymond.

Publisher: New York : Springer, c2008Holdings: GRETA POINT: 57.087.1 MODAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [57.087.1 MOD] (1).
6. Rethinking resource management : justice, sustainability and indigenous peoples

by Howitt, Richard.

Publisher: London ; New York : Routledge, 2001Holdings: GRETA POINT: 502.8:179 RETAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [502.8:179 RET] (1).
7. Landscape, process and power : re-evaluating traditional environmental knowledge

by Heckler, Serena.

Publisher: New York : Berghahn Books, c2009Holdings: GRETA POINT: 502.8:179 LANAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [502.8:179 LAN] (1).
8. Rainmaking and sunshine

by Collinson, John.

Publisher: London : Swan Sonnenschein & Co., 1894Holdings: GRETA POINT: STACK 551.509.617 RAIAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [STACK 551.509.617 RAI] (1).
9. Proceedings of the Seventeenth Conference New Zealand Geographical Society

by Whittaker, William; Lydon, Greg. -- New Zealand Geographical SocietyConference(17th : 1993 : Victoria University of Wellington); New Zealand Geographical Society -- (17th : New Zealand Geography Conference 1993 : Victoria University of Wellington).

Publisher: [Christchurch] : New Zealand Geographical Society, c1993Other title: Proceedings of the 17th Conference of the New Zealand Geographical Society.Holdings: GRETA POINT: 91(931) NEWAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [91(931) NEW] (1).
10. How nature works : the science of self-organized criticality

by Bak, P. (Per).

Publisher: New York : Springer-Verlag, ©1996Holdings: GRETA POINT: 53.01 BAKAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [53.01 BAK] (1).
11. Reason and chance in scientific discovery

by Taton, R; Pomerans, Arnold.

Publisher: London : The Scientific Book Guild/Beaverbrook Newspapers Ltd, c1960Holdings: GRETA POINT: 509 REAAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [509 REA] (1).
12. Towards a new philosophy of biology : observations of an evolutionist

by Mayr, Ernst.

Publisher: Harvard : Harvard University Press, 1988Holdings: GRETA POINT: 573.2 TOWAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [573.2 TOW] (1).
13. Sacred ecology

by Berkes, Fikret.

Edition: Fourth edition. Publisher: New York ; London : Routledge, 2018.Holdings: GRETA POINT: 502.1 BERAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [502.1 BER] (1).
14. Biological individuality : integrating scientific, philosophical, and historical perspectives

by Lidgard, Scott; Nyhart, Lynn K.

Publisher: Chicago, IL : The University of Chicago Press, 2017.Copyright date: ©2017Holdings: GRETA POINT: 573.2 BIOAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [573.2 BIO] (1).
15. The seasons alter : how to save our planet in six acts

by Kitcher, Philip; Keller, Evelyn Fox.

Edition: Liveright paperback. Publisher: New York, N.Y. : Liveright Publishing Corporation, 2018.Copyright date: ©2017Holdings: GRETA POINT: 502.1 KITAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [502.1 KIT] (1).
16. Why trust science?

by Oreskes, Naomi.

Publisher: Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2019]Copyright date: ©2019Holdings: GRETA POINT: 001.3 OREAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [001.3 ORE] (1).
17. Fantasia in geomorphology : reprint of "To make geomorplogy more scientific" and its supplemental discussion

by Yatsu, Eiju.

Publisher: Tokyo : Sozosha, 2002Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.4 YATAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.4 YAT] (1).

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