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Satellites, oceanography and society

by Halpern, David. -- International Conference on Satellites, Oceans and Society (1998).

Publisher: Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2000Holdings: GRETA POINT: 528.88:551.46 SATAvailability: No items available Checked out (1).
Time series of oceanographic bottle stations along ICNAF standards sections

by Gagnon, Jean. -- CanadaMarine Environmental Data Service; International Commission for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries

Publisher: Ottowa : Department of the Environment, 1977Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.46.062(261) TIMAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.46.062(261) TIM] (1).
Physical oceanography

by Defant, Albert, 1884-.

Publisher: Oxford : Pergamon, 1961Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.46 PHY Vol. 1-2Availability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.46 PHY VOL. 2] (2).
Oceanographic instrumentation

by Williams, Jerome.

Publisher: Annapolis, Md. : Naval Institute Press, c1973Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.46.08 OCEAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.46.08 OCE] (1).
Pacific and Indian Oceans and the Mediterranean : temperature, salinity and density of the sea water from observations by H.M.S. Challenger, 1950-52

by -- Great BritainHydrographic Department

Publisher: [London] : Hydrographic Department, 1953Other title: Temperature and salinity observations in the Pacific and Indian Oceans and the Mediterranean, H.M.S. Challenger 1950-52.Holdings: GRETA POINT: 551.46.062.5 PACAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [551.46.062.5 PAC] (1).
Physical oceanography of the tropical Atlantic during GATE

by Duing, Walter; Ostapoff, Feodor; Merle, Jacques; Lee, Valery. -- Global Atmospheric Research Programme; GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment

Publisher: Miami : University of Miami, 1980Holdings: GRETA POINT: OUTSIZE 551.465.62 (261) PHYAvailability: Items available for loan: WELLINGTON [OUTSIZE 551.465.62 (261) PHY] (1).
Interim physical data report on the Upper Waitemata Harbour estuary

by Johnston, R.M.S.

Source: Internal report / Water Quality Centre, Hamilton. Publisher: Hamilton, N.Z. : Water and Soil Division, Hamilton Science Centre, 1980Availability: No items available

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