Conservation status of New Zealand macroalgae, 2019 /

Nelson, W. A.

Conservation status of New Zealand macroalgae, 2019 / Wendy A. Nelson, Kate Neill, Roberta D’Archino and Jeremy R. Rolfe. - 1 online resource : colour illustrations - New Zealand threat classification series, 30 2324-1713 ; . - New Zealand threat classification series; 30. .

"August 2019". Keywords: New Zealand Threat Classification System, NZTCS, conservation status, macroalgae, Bangiales, Bryopsidales, Ceramiales, Cladophorales, Chlorophyta, Corallinales, Ectocarpales, Fucales, Gigartinales, Ochrophyta, Rhodophyta, Rhodymeniales, Ulvales.

Includes bibliographical references.

The conservation status of 938 New Zealand macroalga taxa was assessed using the New Zealand Threat Classification System (NZTCS). A full list is presented, along with a statistical summary and brief notes on the most important changes. This list replaces all previous NZTCS lists for macroalgae.

9781988514970 (web PDF)


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