Environmental expertise : connecting science, policy and society / edited by Esther Turnhout, Willemijn Tuinstra and Willem Halffman. - xvii, 270 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.

With contributions from Silke Beck, Heleen de Coninck, Thomas Gieryn, Mike Hulme, Marga Jacobs, Phil Macnaghten, Clark Miller, Katja Neves, Martin Pastoors, Ad Ragas, Claire Waterton and Laurence Williams.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Introduction : the plight of the environmental scientist / Willem Halffman, Esther Turnhout & Willemijn Tuinstra -- What is science? (and why does this matter?) / Willem Halffman -- Frames : beyond facts versus values / Willem Halffman -- Case A framing climate-change / Mike Hulme -- Science, politics and the public in knowledge controversies / Esther Turnhout & Thomas Gieryn -- Case B what does 'climategate' tell us about public knowledge controversies? / Silke Beck -- Case C whose deficit anyway? : institutional misunderstanding of fracking sceptical publics / Laurence Williams & Phil Macnaghten -- The limits to knowledge / Willemijn Tuinstra, Ad Ragas & Willem Halffman -- Case D angry bulbs / Ad Ragas & Marga Jacobs -- Usable knowledge : science, policy and society / Willemijn Tuinstra, Willem Halffman & Esther Turnhout -- Case E expertise for European fisheries policy / Willem Halffman & Martin Pastoors -- Interdisciplinarity and the challenge of knowledge integration / Esther Turnhout -- Case F knowledge integration in the millennium ecosystem assessment / Clark Miller -- Case G integrated assessment for long-range transboundary air pollution / Willemijn Tuinstra -- Lay expertise / Esther Turnhout & Katja Neves -- Case H lay expertise and botanical science : a case of dynamic interdependencies in biodiversity conservation / Katja Neves -- Case I the Loweswater Care Project / Claire Waterton -- Environmental experts at the science-policy-society interface / Esther Turnhout -- Case J group think and whistle blowers in CO2 capture and storage / Heleen de Coninck -- Environmental knowledge in democracy / Esther Turnhout, Willem Halffman & Willemijn Tuinstra -- Conclusion : science, reason and the environment / Willem Halffman, Willemijn Tuinstra & Esther Turnhout.

An important goal of environmental research is to inform policy and decision making. However, environmental experts working at the interface between science, policy and society face complex challenges, including how to identify sources of disagreement over environmental issues, communicate uncertainties and limitations of knowledge, and tackle controversial topics such as genetic modification and the use of biofuels. This book discusses the problems environmental experts encounter in the interaction between knowledge, society, and policy on both a practical and conceptual level. Key findings from social science research are illustrated with a range of case studies, from fisheries to fracking. The book offers guidance on how to tackle these challenges, equipping readers with tools to better understand the diversity of environmental knowledge and its role in complex environmental issues. Written by leading natural and social scientists, this text provides an essential resource for students, scientists and professionals working at the science-policy interface. -- Publisher's website.

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