New Zealand's great white sharks : how science is revealing their secrets /

Ballance, Alison

New Zealand's great white sharks : how science is revealing their secrets / Alison Ballance. - 84 pages : colour illustrations, maps ; 27 cm

Includes glossary and index. Dedicated to Michael Manning (1973-2009) The Great White Shark Project Team: Clinton Duffy, Malcolm Francis, Kina Scollay.

1. The great white shark puzzle -- 2. Playing tag -- 3. Patting sharks : Ella goes north and south -- 4. Listening for sharks -- 5. Shark spotting -- 6. An ocean journey -- 7. Heading home -- 8. The Australian connection -- 9. Mothers and babies -- 10. Pip returns -- 11. Pieces of the puzzle -- Acknowledgements -- Glossary -- Index.

"Great white sharks are one of the world's most impressive and familiar predators - but until recently we knew surprisingly little about them. This book changes all that, opening a window into the amazing world of New Zealand's great whites. Join Kiwi shark scientists Malcolm Francis and Clinton Duffy as they track great white sharks from the cool waters of southern New Zealand to the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef and the tropical Pacific. Discover how electronic tags have revolutionised the study of great whites, revealing that these mighty ocean predators are international travellers that dive to depths of more than a kilometre as they journey to and from shark hotspots at Stewart Island and the Chatham Islands. Visit Australia's shark nurseries, meet the Stewart Island shark gang and join the teenage great white sharks, Nicholas Cage and Pip, on their travels"--Publisher's description.

Intemediate, secondary National Library of New Zealand.

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